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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rovio Remote Control Home Security Webcam

Keep an eye on your "mancave" even when you are not there! The ultimate in "mancave" security. I love this thing! available at Sharper Image.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bat Signal Prop Replica

The original Bat-signal is a large projection lamp that casts the silhouetted shape of a bat across the sky of Gotham City. Batman gave this device to Commissioner Jim Gordon as a means of contacting him. The Bat-signal is located on the roof of police headquarters. As Batman's existence is not officially recognised by the Gotham City authorities, the batsignal is explained as a method of using the "urban legend" around Batman to terrify the criminal class of Gotham. This desktop version can be purchased on amazon.com and perfect for any superhero themed "mancave".

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lex Luther's Kryptonite Poker Table

Superman never interupts Lex Luther's friday night poker game :-)

Backlit Guitar Mount

Backlit mount safely holds your guitar and lights up your wall.
available at PBteen.com

Recording, Game Room, & Applause Signs

Feel like you’re in the recording studio or part of a live audience with these cool prompters. Hang on the wall or prop on a shelf and watch them glow. Framed in iron.
available at PBteen.com

Original Batman's secret switch Batcave

On the original Batman TV show, Bruce Wayne would tilt the head back of a bust of William Shakespeare to find a hidden remote control which he would use to open a hidden door the the book shelves which house Batpoles which lead to the Batcave.
Can often be found on EBAY!

The Authentic James T. Kirk Captain's Chair

The Authentic James T. Kirk Captain's Chair.
This is the meticulously detailed, full-scale replica of James Tiberius Kirk's captain's chair from the original Star Trek television series. The chair is constructed from the design conceived by Matt Jefferies, the set director and art designer from 1966 to 1969--only 1,701 are being produced. A press of the former yellow alert button (located at the front of the right armrest) produces one of nine original sound samples from the series, including the entirety of the famous prologue: "Space... the final frontier..." spoken by William Shatner. Other samples include "Kirk to Engineering... Mr. Scott, report!," "Position report Spock?" and more. Seven sound effects are produced by activating the former red alert button, including the classic intercom hail, phaser and photon torpedo sounds--even the ambient background bridge noises. The chair includes various toggle switches, knobs, and buttons from the series that invoked the jettison of pods and activated the main viewscreen. All sounds are produced from a single speaker built into the left armrest. The chair's platform is made of wood surrounding a steel frame. The back and seat are made from leather, braced on either side by two oak arm rests; the chair swivels 360°. Plugs into AC. 41" H x 42" W x 39" D. (75 lbs.)
available at Hammacher Schlemmer

$14,000 "throne" fit for any Man Cave